About this site

About this site

Welcome, and hello.  My name is Mark Thomas and I have lived in Ken Caryl valley for 12 years, and Jefferson County for 22 years.  I’m the one behind this whole “no fence” thing – I found out about the fence completely randomly and by accident.  If I hadn’t found out, a fence would have just appeared one day, since there have been no public notices, hearings or board agenda items about this proposed fence on public open space.

I am a regular user of Ken Caryl and Jeffco’s incredible, one-of-a-kind open spaces for hiking, biking and dog walking.  This is the first time I’ve organized a grass-roots effort to get the attention of a governing body.  I hope I’m effective!

I believe we have something incredibly unique and very special in Jefferson County and Ken Caryl Ranch.  Jeffco Open Space is extremely unique and a testament to good governance of public land.  The Ken Caryl master development plan which set aside vast areas of open space is just unprecedented, in a time when most developers are looking to maximize their dollars on every acre of land.  It’s something we pay for with our taxes to the Metro District and our dues to the Homeowner’s Association.  It definitely keeps our property values strong.  And these open spaces are amazing places to explore and discover nature.

I’m also a big fan of our Metro District and Master Association.  They have done a great job of protecting, maintaining and preserving the legacy that is Ken Caryl Ranch.  I believe they are simply making the wrong call by not making this a public discussion and working with Jeffco to oppose a fence.

That’s my brief background and personal history in the area.  Next, please read up on the history of this particular matter, and please sign the petition and contact Jeffco and your board members to let Jeffco’s government and Ken Caryl’s boards know we need to put a stop to fencing a beautiful open space.

To contact me about any of this (or anything else you might want to), please use mark.thomas@nofencekcr.com