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Petition and Email Sent to Jeffco – No Fence, No Aircraft
Petition and Email Sent to Jeffco

Petition and Email Sent to Jeffco

Today I sent the petition and email to Jefferson County’s Board of Commissioners and also Jeffco’s Open Space Advisory Committee.  The petition can be found here:  https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/no-fence

The text of the email is below.

Fencing in open space – petition

Dear Commissioners and Open Space Advisory Committee Members,
I am a county resident and I represent a group of my fellow residents who are opposed to the construction of a private fence in Jefferson County Open Space, Parcel A.  The fencing has been proposed by a private landowner who has a non-exclusive driveway easement across Parcel A.
There are many reasons that a fence is not in keeping with public open space principles, most of which are obvious.  But most importantly, two 1/3 mile fences in a beautiful, open meadow will damage the meadow, it’s character, scenic nature and beauty.
We urge Jefferson County, as owners and stewards of this land, to say “no” to the private landowner wishing to construct two ugly wire fences with a mixture of metal and wood posts, and be prepared to defend our public open space legally if necessary. The driveway easement is solely for the convenience of the private landowner to access their property, and is currently working as intended, as it has for many years – without a fence on the sides of the driveway.  The fence serves no purpose other than the whims of the easement holder.
Lastly, the fence is in direct conflict with Jeffco’s own deed restrictions on the property, which state “the only structures allowed on the property must be “integral to or necessary for serving…open space purposes, with recreational, wildlife, habitat and scenic uses.” 
Thanks for your attention, I attach the petition for your consideration and look forward to an outcome that favors all Jeffco residents vs. a single property owner.  
Best Regards,
Mark Thomas
30 Mule Deer Trail
Littleton, CO 80127
cc: Ken Caryl Metropolitan District Board and Ken Caryl Master Association Board

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