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Jeffco – No Public Notice or Comments, Disappoints Again – No Fence, No Aircraft
Jeffco – No Public Notice or Comments, Disappoints Again

Jeffco – No Public Notice or Comments, Disappoints Again

This is now an urgent matter as fence construction could start any day, permanently damaging the meadow.  See below for what you can do.

Jefferson County, in direct conflict with their own deed restrictions on this open space (see the history post), and with no public notice or comment period, and disregarding the interests of the taxpayers that pay for this land (All Ken Caryl Homeowners), taken the easy way out and decided to “not oppose the fence” after what they deem a “thorough study of the impacts”.

The impacts to the scenic nature of the valley must not have been included in their “thorough study” which took them all of a few days to complete.

Jeffco is taking the path of least resistance – apparently afraid of a lawsuit, and because this private property owner is very boisterous.

So please call and email Jeffco, below.   Please show up to meetings, and email your Ken Caryl board members – either on the Master Association, North Ranch, or the Metro District.  They can and should represent your interests with Jeffco.   Please be considerate in your communications to KCR representatives – remember they volunteer their time to make this neighborhood a better place.  

Jeffco Open Space (tell them you oppose the fence in Parcel A)

To email Jeffco Open Space directly, use this page on their website

Jeffco Open Space Phone (303) 271-5925

Here’s the contact information (taken straight from the Ken Caryl website):

President of the Master Association:

Seth Murphy:  seth_murphy@hotmail.com, 970-485-0894

President of the Ken Caryl Metropolitan District:

Lauri Lehan-Milano:  laurim@kcranch.org, 303-948-1967

North Ranch

Angela Christensen:  angela@kchoa.com, 303-933-6279


One Reply to “Jeffco – No Public Notice or Comments, Disappoints Again”

  1. I vehemently oppose constructing a private fence on public open space in “Parcel A” in Ken Caryl Valley. I am a 14-year resident of the North Ranch and have met the individual who now owns this property. He very briefly lived down the street from us in the North Ranch. He is all about his image and – dare I say – has quite a narcissistic vibe. He lived here for such a brief time that he cannot appreciate the things that are so special in this valley and which the homeowners here hold dear.

    This dispute was settled years ago. Let the 2006 decision stand and do not waste precious time and money pandering to this one individual’s whims. The desires of the many should outweigh those of a single person.

    ~Gretchen Bennett
    North Ranch

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