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Crazy Reasons for a Fence in Open Space – No Fence, No Aircraft
Crazy Reasons for a Fence in Open Space

Crazy Reasons for a Fence in Open Space

What is Jonathan Sawyer saying to your government representatives about the need for a fence?

Mr. Sawyer has made many claims about the need for a fence to Jeffco and Ken Caryl.  As far as I can tell, none of the given”reasons” are rational or substantiated.   Jeffco and Ken Caryl are cooperating to design a “wildlife friendly” fence with openings for vehicles.  Jeffco sent out surveyors to mark the easement so he knows where to put the fence.  Ken Caryl Master Association has resigned itself to a fence and is cooperating with the design.

It seems like it would be much better not to build a fence in the first place, if you’re going to all that trouble.

Some reasons given for “needing” a fence:

He wants to leave the gate open sometimes for his convenience.  But of course a fence doesn’t help him with unwanted vehicles accessing the driveway if he leaves his gate open.  And the gate was installed as the result of suing Ken Caryl to put it in, to keep cars off the driveway easement.

There are people driving vehicles in the open space.  Unsubstantiated – absolutely no evidence of tire tracks, other than the Ken Caryl maintenance vehicles and the fire trucks that had to get into the space in March to fight a hogback fire on the other (East) side of the hogback.  Anyway, LEAVE YOUR GATE CLOSED and vehicles will have a much harder time getting into open space.

I have used this area for 11 years, and can tell you I’ve seen no unauthorized vehicles or evidence thereof on the open space meadow.

There are people with dogs off leash.   That is occasionally true.   If you want to see dogs off leash, walk around the neighborhood, or through any of our open space.  But how exactly does a fence help with unleashed dogs?  A dog can be unleashed inside the fences, outside the fences, can run through fence openings and can presumably jump right through or over the fence, because it’s a “wildlife friendly” fence.  If a coyote can get through it so can a dog.  And there will be openings at least big enough for people and trucks in multiple places.   Dogs are not running rampant over this particular area of open space.

There are more “rationalizations”, but you get the idea.  The fence is intended to make his driveway look more like it’s his private property. A fence has no functional value, will damage open space permanently, and is an eyesore and inconvenience for the public, the actual owners of this property.

Ken Caryl and Jeffco need to be good stewards, stop listening to one private property owner who doesn’t live in Ken Caryl and ask the people they represent what they think should be done.  Ken Caryl Metropolitan District refuses to put this on an agenda for public discussion and will only meet in private with lawyers about the issue.  Jeffco needs to hear from residents that they oppose the fence.  Contact them and let them know you think they should schedule this for public discussion.

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